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Intelligent Exercise for Women

Smart Barre™ studios specializes in intimate, choreographed classes designed for you. An effective and efficient use of time, our method combines strength training and stretching as a sustainable form of exercise for women of all ages and a variety of fitness levels.

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Smart Classes

Smart Barre – 60 minutes
Combining barre work, Pilates, and yoga, our classic open level class brings your muscles to fatigue, using intermittent stretching for release. This full body workout is efficient and sustainable for all fitness levels. You will work your core, arms, thighs and glutes to form a toned, fit and lean body. Our technique leads to better posture, increased flexibility and mindfulness. In addition to a traditional ballet barre, light hand weights, a resistance ball, band, and stretching strap are used in class.

SmartFormer - Power Pilates – 45 minutes
Our SmartFormer Power Pilates class is a high intensity, low impact combination of resistence training and Pilates movements using our very own SmartFormer machine. It strengthens the core, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance and increases flexibility. Not only is the SmartFormer beneficial for lean muscle-building, it also jumpstarts the metabolism to help burn fat. Our SmartFormer Power Pilates class covers all your daily cardio and strength training needs in under an hour. Our slow movements with quick transitions will sculpt your muscles, burn fat, and leave you with those happy endorphins and wanting more!

Smart Bounce – 45 minutes
Smart Bounce is a unique class that will elevate your barre workout to the next level. Performed on rebounders, this class not only incorporates elements from Pilates and barre to burn calories and sculpt long, lean muscles, but it is also detoxifying as we turn up the cardiovascular intensity. Choreographed and synced to upbeat music, this class is guaranteed to leave you with some pep in your step!

Smart Former - Bounce Fusion – 55 Minutes
Our SmartFormer Bounce Fusion class combines SmartFormer Power Pilates with our popular Smart Bounce cardio class. We kick up the cardiovascular intensity on the rebounder, then transition to strength and resistance work on the SmartFormer for a fun and fast-paced fitness class that will keep the calorie burn high all day long. This 55 minute class is the perfect fusion of both detoxifying cardio and strength. Tennis shoes required.

Smart 45 – 45 minutes
For those with tight schedules, Smart 45 provides the energy and effectiveness of a Smart Barre class, packed into a 45-minute punch. Combining Pilates, barre work and yoga, this class will bring your muscles to fatigue, using intermittent stretching for release. There are no breaks–just amazing results! This full body workout is efficient and sustainable for all fitness levels. The perfect choice for those lunchtime workouts!

Smart Burn – 50 minutes
Smart Burn is a total body workout that will take your fitness to the next level. This fast-paced barre inspired workout is designed to increase your cardiovascular strength with intervals to elevate your heart rate and rev up your metabolism all while toning, sculpting and lengthening your muscles. In addition to a traditional ballet barre, 3 & 5 lb. weights, a resistance ball, resistance bands, gliders and bungees are used in class. This class is perfect for the Barre Junkies who want to increase their heart rate without committing to the sweat of a Smart Bounce class.

Smart 45 Online– 45 minutes
For those wanting to work out virtually, Smart 45 Online class provides the energy and effectiveness of an open level Smart Barre class, packed into a 45-minute punch. Combining Pilates, barre work and yoga, this class will bring your muscles to fatigue, using intermittent stretching for release. There are no breaks–just amazing results! This full body virtual workout is efficient and sustainable for all fitness levels. This class will be streamed LIVE through Zoom. If you are taking class from your smart phone download the Zoom app. If you are on a computer visit www.zoom.us and sign up for a free account. Book your class AT LEAST 45 minutes before class to ensure you are sent the link required to join class. You will receive a link to the class at least 20 minutes before class starts via email. Please make sure you have an active email account on your Smart Barre profile and check all junk files as well to ensure you get the link.

Smart Pilates – 55 minutes
Classical Pilates is more than a series of movements, it is a way of moving efficiently and intelligently. The practice of Classical Pilates balances all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility with emphasis on challenging the “Powerhouse” (abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks) with each movement. Learn the principles of Pilates, how to apply them in your daily life, and how they can help you get the most out of any workout. With a focus on core stability, increasing mobility and improving balance and posture, Smart Pilates is a floor-based class like no other. This dynamic flow will challenge and train your whole body. With the use of small weights, resistance bands and Pilates circles this class will condition and tone your entire body. Compliment your barre routine with 55 minutes of Smart Work with Smart Pilates.

Smart Yoga Flow – 60 minutes
A Vinyasa yoga class designed to increase strength and flexibility using breath. Clients will move from building block postures at a moderate pace challenging focus and strength. Class is not heated and is great for all levels. Modifications and variations are given to accommodate individual needs.

Before Class Tips

ARRIVE ON TIME | to properly warm up your body. For your safety, late arrivals beyond 10 minutes will not be allowed to take class.

KNOW YOUR BODY | It is our Smart Barre philosophy. Tell us about you before class so we can guide you with modifications or tailor our choreography to help you get the most out of your time with us.

HEAR, HEAR | Listen to your instructor for proper set up and where to initiate movement.

HYDRATE | Bring your own water or purchase it at the studio. Take sips when needed!

SHAKE IT UP | You are working your muscles to fatigue, then releasing with a stretch. Never fear “the shake” it is where the real change happens!

After Class Tips

ASK QUESTIONS | If you need clarification for any movements from class, ask your instructor. We are here for you!

SET UP YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT | Utilize our easy online scheduler or Smart Barre app to reserve and purchase classes.

FIND THE RIGHT PACKAGE | We offer a variety of packages to accommodate your lifestyle. We are here to help you make the best financial decision for your fitness investment.

BARRE BUDDIES | Our classes are designed to be done in a group, helping you stay consistent and motivated. Bring your best girls to the barre!

SEE YOU AT THE BARRE | Don’t let sore muscles sit. Get moving to work out the lactic acid. Within as little as 10 classes, you will start feeling a change in your body. Keep attending classes, and you will soon see your muscles sculpting.

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