Smart FAQs

Before you arrive

Sign up for classes nearest you by using our online scheduler, the Smart Barre or MINDBODY app which can be found in the app store, or by calling the studio. Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early so we can show you around the studio. You will complete a simple form so that we may understand your body and lifestyle, then we will get started!

Clients have up 2 hours prior to their scheduled class to cancel online or by calling the studio. Canceling less than 2 hours or not showing, late fees may apply. Please check our cancellation policy. Arrive on time. Clients are not permitted to enter class more than 10 minutes after class starts for your safety.

What to bring

Socks are required in Smart Barre classes for sanitary reasons and to assist in the ease of some of our exercises. Non-slip exercise socks are recommended, but not required, and are available for purchase at the front desk. Workout pants or capris, a tank top or t-shirt are recommended attire.

All equipment is provided. Ecowise mats (latex, PVC and chloride free) are cleaned after each use.

Tennis shoes are required for all Smart Bounce classes.

When you arrive

Upon your arrival to a Smart Barre studio, you will check in at the front desk. Though we do welcome walk ins, online registration for classes is encouraged. To maximize your experience, we limit the class size, so please know that if you are a walk in, the class might already be full upon your arrival. Please refer to the FAQ below for more information and studio policies and waiting lists.

Lockers, towels, and a changing area are provided. Purses, cell phones, chewing gum, flavored sports drinks or food are not allowed in the studio. Bottled water is available for purchase at the front desk and water filling stations are also provided.

Sign up for classes nearest you by using our online scheduler, our app ‘Smart Barre’ which can be found in the app store or by calling the studio. Plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes early. You will complete a simple form so that we may understand your body and lifestyle, then we will get started!

Since instructors provide modifications in all of our classes, find a class time that meets your scheduling needs. While classes are available to all clients, we recommend starting with Open Level Barre. Make sure you speak to your instructor about any past injuries or concerns prior to class. Private lessons are also offered upon studio and instructor availability.

We offer a free trial class for all local residents. We offer new clients a $99 month of unlimited classes with access to all 4 studios and over 100 classes per week.

Long workout pants or capris and a tank top or t-shirt are preferred attire for classes. Socks are required for all Smart Barre classes. Please place all belongings into a provided locker. No purses, cell phones, or flavored drinks are allowed in the studio. You may bring your own bottled water or you may purchase it at the front desk. We provide all cushioned mats, weights, balls, and resistance bands. Please know that though our mats are latex free, balls and resistance bands are not.
Tennis shoes are required for all Smart Bounce classes.

Socks are worn not only for sanitation purposes, but also for added grip and traction on the floor and mat. Non-slip socks are available for purchase or you may wear regular socks.

As a sustainable approach to exercise, Smart Barre balances your body with strengthening and stretching so you can take as many classes per week as you see fit. A good goal is 3-5 times a week. Our ‘smart’ stretching not only increases flexibility but minimizes soreness from muscle fatigue.

Smart Barre classes are both strength and cardio based. A significant portion of the class focuses on legs and glutes, which are the biggest fat burners in your body, and you will quickly see and feel those inches dropping even without intense cardio. If you enjoy a good cardio workout, try incorporating our cardio based class Smart Bounce or for lighter cardio, Smart Burn.

Smart Barre incorporates strength and resistance training through the use of small hand weights in addition to your own body weight. During class, we strengthen virtually every part of the body, largely focusing on the upper body, legs, the gluteus muscles, your abdominals, and the entire core. Our primary focus is on proper form while fatiguing the muscle group being worked, followed by rejuvenating, ‘smart’ stretches that help tone and increase flexibility in the muscles.

Most clients see and feel results of long, lean and toned muscles in as little as 10 classes. This will vary depending on how often you attend class and your lifestyle and nutrition. Our technique of concentrated muscle fatigue followed by focused stretching maximizes your efforts and helps the body’s system work together in a strong, powerful way. Our instructors are always happy to speak with you about your goals and help you to achieve them in a healthy, balanced manner.

Yes! However, it is recommended that you begin classes early in your pregnancy and you consult with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. Also, please tell your instructor if you are pregnant, so modifications can be provided prior to class. As with all of our classes, we encourage each student to take it at their own pace, and listen to your body. Check your studio for Smart Mom & Baby classes, designed especially for you!

We have bathrooms and dressing rooms to change. Beauty products are provided to freshen-up after class.

Yes. We offer 10% off select packages. Email [email protected] with your student or military ID.