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Smart Barre is the premier boutique fitness studios for women in San Antonio. Experience a full-body low impact workout from a variety of classes that target strength, cardio, flexibility, and mindfulness for all ages and fitness levels. Long, lean, and toned muscles along with confidence and community will keep you coming back for more.

What is the SmartFormer Power Pilates workout?

A SmartFormer workout at Smart Barre is unlike any Pilates workout you have ever seen. It strengthens the core, tones and elongates the upper and lower body muscles and improves endurance all while increasing flexibility, posture and the body’s alignment.


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What is the SmartFormer?

The equipment we use in our Smart Power Pilates classes is the SmartFormer, an evolutionary upgrade from a traditional Pilates Reformer. This workout machine is designed to engage both upper and lower body muscles, using springs and pulleys that will set the resistance and counter-resistance of the workout. These settings can be adjusted as you progress to continually increase your performance.

The SmartFormer evolves with you as you progress. New and seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from this equipment, as it can be modified for a range of difficulty levels. The SmartFormer can be used for more than 250 exercises to work essentially every part of your body. Our instructors strive to provide an energizing full-body workout that incorporates key fitness elements focusing on strength, endurance and stability.